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Jennifer Lopez wears so many cute hairstyles to count in her new movie

It’s been over two years since we’ve been blessed with a Jennifer Lopez movie.  The buzz is building for her new rom-com, Marry Me, set to hit theatres for Valentines Day. The official, full-length trailer has only just landed, and combined with the glimpses Lopez herself has posted to Instagram, one thing is very clear: She wears so many cute hairstyles in this movie. 

In the teaser Lopez posted, we see her character wearing at least six different hair looks, all of which we could definitely picture her sporting as herself in real life. First, there’s a relaxed low ponytail, shoulder-length.  The most JLo hair looks made it to the hair styling for this film too.  The half-up style with a low yet tight mini pony, and the regular, sleek-but-not-too-sleek mid-height ponytail with plenty of soft baby hairs along her hairline.


We also get a glance at two red-carpet looks that truly seem like something Lopez herself would wear to an award show or premiere.  But even though half a dozen hairstyles are plenty for a normal movie, this is a Jennifer Lopez movie we’re talking about.  And just recently Chris Appleton revealed JLo’s completely unexpected new look- A full head of vibrant pink hair.  Will it make an appearance in Marry Me?  We hope so.   We’re anticipating many different hair looks. And we can’t wait to see every single one.


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