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Hibernation Hair- Voduz hair transition guide

One marker of a new season is a switch-up in style. Whether that’s adding outerwear, or changing up your skincare to include more moisturiser. Another seasonal change marker is in the hair.  Going brunette for winter may not be ground-breaking, but we can appreciate it can be a drastic and brave change! The light blonde beach-girl look just doesn’t have the same effect when you’re getting rained on.  But rich, glossy mocha strands with a chunky knit jumper? It’s a vibe!


We have already seen some of our fave celebs go to the dark side, the latest being Hailey Bieber, who was famously California blonde, has succumbed to the allure of the hibernation hue.

We know it’s a journey to achieve the perfect blonde tone.  Going from beach babe blonde to autumnal cedar brown can be scary!  If you’re not fully ready to commit to all over brown, you can add gold to frame the face. 

There are endless shades of brunette and even more ways to incorporate it into your hairstyle.  Whether you’re after a dramatic dark chocolate hairstyle, a cosy honey shade to warm up your blonde, or darker details like a money-piece or ombre.  Here are some of our fave hair seasonal transition looks you can take to your salon: 


Bronde hair has soared in popularity since the kardashians revealed their hair colour transformation earlier in lockdown.  With light brown base, and golden streaks- yum!

How to Maintain

Velvet Crown is a thermal-activated blow dry aid which will coat your hair in a lightweight and invisible layer. The product will disintegrate, wrapping fibres around the hair, locking in humidity and help you fight the frizz – All while acting as a heat protector for temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius.  Once applied, the product and its effects will last for up to 3 shampoos, guaranteeing the hair is protected at ALL times.

To achieve best results follow our simple 3 Step Guide and top-tips.

  • Step 1 – Apply a layer of Velvet Crown to freshly shampooed hair. For fine hair, a thin layer. For thicker hair, apply generously. Section the hair and spray each section from around 3-4 inches away, ensuring all areas of the hair are saturated.
  • Step 2 – Using the Voduz InVented Brush, brush the product through the hair to evenly distribute.
  • Step 3 – Using the Voduz ‘Blow Out’ Infrared Hair Dryer, let the product work its magic.

Highlighted Brown

Ombre or balayage, brown hair with highlights is always a safe choice if you don’t want to commit to all over brown.  You can seamlessly blend sections of blonde throughout, giving a soft and natural look.

How to maintain

DefenderRaise your shield and protect your hair with the Voduz ‘Defender’ heat protection spray. Our weightless aerosol formula can be used on both wet and dry hair, while acting as a protective barrier against the damaging effect of heat styling. Prep TalkOmbre or balayage needs all the texture it can get-use the Voduz ‘Prep Talk’ Dry Texture Spray. Our innovative formula instantly adds life back into lustreless locks, and helps absorb any excess oils in the hair to make it look, feel and smell delicious. The ultra fine mist flawlessly coats the hair to create a gritty texture that boosts volume, whilst offering a flexible hold.


A stunning colour option that looks especially chic in a sleek do; showing that extra shine.

How to maintain

Give your hair the R’Oil' treatment with Voduz R’Oil' hydrating oil. Containing a blend of Macadamia and Jojoba oils, R’Oil' will strengthen and moisturise every strand. Giving that mirror-like shine.

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