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The best hairbrushes to suit every hair type: Voduz guide

Brush up your hair care

Do you think you could paint a masterpiece without using the right paint brushes? There’s no way. The same goes for our hair. In our opinion, all hair types are works of art and the hair brush we use, help to sculpt the finished look.  Stop reaching for whatever is in front of you and start strategically choosing the right brush for your hair type. Finding the right match for the style you want to create makes all the difference in your hair routine.

Whether you’re embracing your natural afro, trying to add some volume to your roots, or trying to care for your hair extensions, keep scrolling to find the perfect match for you.

All Rounder

Voduz All Rounder Thermal Brush is the perfect tool to achieve the perfect bouncy blow dry in minutes! The ceramic coating and large round vents helps to maximise airflow. The All Rounder is able to create volume while preventing split ends while providing an effortless blow dry.

All Rounder Hair Brush

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Voduz ‘Knot Anymore’ Detangling Brush

The Voduz Detangling brush has tough yet flexible bristles that are able to comb through thick hair.  With its ergonomic user-friendly design, the brush fits perfectly in your hand in order to easily glide through your hair giving you the sleek locks that everyone wants. This brush is also perfect for kids hair, as it allows you to brush out the toughest knots with zero stress and damage.
Knot Anymore Detangling Hair Brush

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In-Vented 3D Flat Brush

The perfect accessory to achieve the salon standard blow dry at home. The springy circular vent on the ‘In-Vented’ hair brush allows the air to circulate around every angle of the hair strand, significantly reducing drying time and heat exposure.
In-Vented 3D Flat Hair Brush

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In-Vented Duo Bristle Brush

Designed with the OG In-Vented bristles at the centre with a cluster of soft synthetic fibres for an extra effortless glide through your hair. This brush is suited to those with delicate or thinning hair and those with extensions.
InVented Duo Bristle Hair Brush

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